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Laze G.. Reppin Korrupted Musicc Real Rap.. Tucson Arizona

Laze G is no stranger to the local music scene establishing his name in early 2008 along side his close friends and co workers D.T.K (The dead town Klick) hooked up and made things happen in the studio. Shortly Meeting up with his close partners Sam Gutty and Real Aka Quarantine & Dj Haze in late 2008 Hooked up to record some of the most Raw'est and original music That tucson's music has ever seen!!! With an unstoppable stage presence and an original sound To be seen and heard .. From teaming up with West Coast Mafia's Own Woodpile to Beeing Booked For performances from artist's such as Arizona's Young Phee & Tucson's own Zona Boyz, III Grand, Big name Artist's Such as Suga Free, Spice 1, DGAF,Lucky Luciano And much much more from with in the music industry. Putting it down For Their City With a mix of Rap/ Hip Hop, Hardcore Lyrics & Freestyle Rhyme Schemes!! So Stay Tuned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Laze G Reppin G Music World Wide ...Real Rap/Street Music

Need some beats who got that flame... 🔥🔥

Korrupted Musicc

NEW MUSIC Welo ft. D-Ron "Starry Eyes" #KM Welo Olivas Ronnie Felix

NEW MUSIC Welo ft. D-Ron "Starry Eyes" #KM

Funk Flex Responds to T.I. and Suge Knight's Son About 2Pac Comments

Shits fucked up to speak on it 20 years later but if this is true it's fucked up how Pac lied about biggie setting him up when in all it was some people he knew that had robbed him at quad .. he shot himself which led to him getting shot 5 times for pulling out the gun in the first place...biggie would be alive of Pac would of came out with the truth back then..SMH CRAZY.. Funk Flex took to Instagram Live on Thursday night, May 4, to address the backlash he's faced for going public with his account on what really went...

Who did this sheeet 😂

Ceelo at it again with the weird shit lol..

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