I'm a single Death metal project :)

Leproseey is a single and instrumental Death Metal Project. It was founded by Agnieszka Stram in 2011, where it doesn’t actually worked under any name, at least in 2012 it's been given a bandname 'Morderisk Ensomhet' but cause of many reasons it was changed on Leproseey. All records and albums are independent.

Guitars/Bass/Vocals - Agnieszka Stram
Mix/Master - Agnieszka Stram

I'm Agnieszka Stram and I've made Morderisk Ensomhet as a Polish single project, everything home-recorded and composed with (Death, Deicide, Cancer and Possessed inspiration). The first album (Area 51) was recorded in August and completely finished on 25th August 2012, then I started to work on future project as I called (Despicable Decapitation) and there's a huge change cause of the new equipment and more melodic and technical stuffs resulting from newly acquired skills and the 2nd album was finished on 29th March 2013. Still working ! Now I concentrate on 3rd Album called Surgical Cephalectomy that is purely based on Death and Black metal basics as Death (Human, Spiritual Healing) or Deicide (Deicide, Scars of Crucifix). Never enough to work and looking for Label. I also have a band not called yet but everything is on going, will make an account soon.

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Leproseey | Leproseey - Lawyer Of the Devil | Leproseey - Lawyer Of the Devil


Posted a new song: "Leproseey - Lawyer Of the Devil" http://www.reverbnation.com/p/d2k2EQ

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Already Done !!! Just a few minutes and you will be able to hear LAWYER OF THE DEVIL !!! :)

Upcoming news :). Lawyer Of the Devil Demo soon ! :)

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