Rachael Hallack

Rachael's infectious personality & unique blend of country rock w/ a hint of bluesy jazz gives you a salty-sweet experience leaving you quenching for more

Ah, well, you listen. And you listen very intently.

And so that’s where I was on August 10, 2011, sitting at work waiting on an answer to my prayers. You see, I had been managing a small retail shop for a couple of years, and I felt like I was at the end of a dead-end street. My friends had joyously made the next step in life and were going to college and starting families, but here I was stuck in a never-ending rut.

I had been praying for divine guidance – God, just show me a way, any way – I’ll take it. And while I was alone at work, I began to pray harder and harder. With every ounce of my being, I prayed and prayed. And then…. a voice, but more like a feeling, came over me and said, “Do what you want. Do what you love. Do what you can with what I gave you.” So simple, and so true.

Well, as soon as I was able to gather myself back into reality, an announcement came on the radio and said that a local television station would be hosting a singing competition the very next day. Up until that point, I had never sang for anyone outside of family and friends because I was way too shy. But ever since that day, I put my trust in God, and I have not stopped singing. I’d book a gig everyday if I could, and whether if it’s four or forty, I give every performance my all.

Call it what you want – Divine Intervention, the Inner Voice – I know this is my path. And, I feel like the people who have helped me on my path were Heaven Sent, people like: the members of my band, Eric Cantrelle, Ed White, Neal Kato, and Larry Hymel; David St. Romain, who provided some great songs and helped me write and record other songs; Ty Taylor, who played on my first CD and helped me write some more songs; Tony Daigle, who recorded and mixed so much of my music; Jeff Allen, Tommy Crawford, Mary Ann Allison who helped me with some more songs; and last but not least, Paul Umbach who helped me find who I really am as an artist. There are so many more – family and friends. I could not have done this without you.

Thank you and God bless,

Rachael (or, you can call me Rae – all my friends do)

Shout out to all the moms!!
Happy Mother's Day!! ❤️

Here's my show schedule for this week!! 😍

@ 9pm

Busy day tomorrow!! Here's where I'll be-

11am @ Lagniappe Festival in Springfeild
3pm @ LSU opening for Cowboy Mouth
10pm @ Stevie G's in Pierre Part


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