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are you the man?

We play SUSQUATCH tomorrow at 330. Come hang. Ty.

hi. we have been silent for a bit. working on a lot of new stuff. we still love this band and have a lot to say. we are just saving it up until we are 100% happy with it. playing this show next month with our good friends in Medium Weekend. come hang out. we've been practicing real hard. thanks.
Merso, Rope Trick, Medium Weekend, and Rego at the Blue Moon

Visual inspiration for LP 1 currently in production

Visual inspiration for LP 1 currently in production

Thanks, Pauline

"on thursday, one of my musical heroes died. pauline oliveros introduced me to experimental music, and her thoughts on 'deep listening' changed how i approach music forever. not aware of her passing, michael and i recorded this improvisation at our practice space the day she died. i would like to share it as a tribute to her." (rob) R.I.P. Pauline Oliveros.

our shows just got louder



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robert b. + michael s. + mitchell m.


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