Back Before Breakfast

We play origianal songs written by the band. The three main song writers also share lead vocals.

. The story so far... long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away (Frome) Andrew Pickering and Anthony Lacny started writing and perfoming songs together under the name "Back Before Breaklfast." They continued to do so until... For reasons that they have never fully explained (alien abduction?) they stopped performing together as "Back Before Breakfast." Oh, you're still reading this? I'd better write some more. Time passed... An older and wiser Andrew Pickering managed to blag a gig at Glastonbury Festival in 2009 and decided to revive BBB (that's a quick way of writing Back Before Breakfast, just look how much space I've save by putting BBB instead of Back Before Breakfast). As it was Glastonbury they decided that a big festival required a big band and so they recruited Elliet, David, Mike and Dom to help fill the stage and make some extra noise. They all had so much fun that in August that year they were locked in a dark room on an industrial estate and not allowed out until some of BBB's music had been recorded. Jan 2010 Sharon Martin has taken over fiddle duties and will be appearing for thev first time with BBB at the Bell Inn Bath on 28th feb. To be continued.....
Rob (electric guitar) took over from Sharon in 2010 and in an effort to sound all folky again Dom took to playing flute(but still plays bass)
The difficult third continuation awaits...
The long awaited third continuation... The line up has been stable since the last update, we continue to expand and grow as not only as musicians but as performers (I'm banking on nobody actually reading this as it is turning into pretentious drivel)
Just book us, come and see us, buy a CD.

Angola' 76 | Whats on

Really looking forward to playing at Angola 76 in Shaftesbury next Friday 26th May - see you there! Jungle | Cafe | Music | Bar

So far we have six gigs confirmed...more announcements/gloating to follow...

FRIDAY 16.15-17.15 SPIKE



breakfast time AVALON CAFE (not sure yet quite what this will be but please be available)


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I've just added three new track to the top of our soundcloud playlist:

New album 'Mr Duffells Suitcase' going down a storm as extra Christmas pressie for friends and family.

As usual the King Arthur rocked!

Back Before Breakfast are playing this Friday 2nd December at The King Arthur, Glastonbury, 8:30 pm onwards - look forward to seeing you there!

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Band Members

Mike Fullick Drums Andy Pickering- Bouzouki & Vocals Anthony Lacny- Propper grown up guitar with six strings, Vocals . Sir Dominic Allan bass, flute and vocals - Rob Lowry Guitar


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Luminous Phlegm
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