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Stella’s Notch has undergone a variety of iterations since the group’s formation in 2005, with a different stable of musicians filling out the band’s ranks. But regardless of the musicianship powering the live embodiment of the group, one thing has always remained a constant in establishing the inimitable and distinctive music style Stella’s Notch has always been known for – namely, front woman Melody del Mundo.

Migrating to the US in early 2001 from her native Philippines, front woman Melody turned her attentions to creating a new musical project, one that musically differed from her previous band, popular mid 90s Philippine indie-rock group Sugar Hiccup. This new project she named Stella’s Notch because of the provocative and edgy images such a name conjured. Melody began writing songs that were true to her experiences in love and life, crafting musical oeuvres that were as complex and epic as Greek poems of old. An accomplished singer/songwriter in her own right, Melody was able to write many of the core SN songs on her own, establishing the melodies, harmonies, chords and base percussion and bass lines single handedly. Stella’s Notch’s initial lineup consisted of various members of her immediate family, such as her brother and sister.

The first major step in the band’s evolution came when a Melody met future SN member Dennis Diaz through a mutual friend. Initially, Dennis was approached by Melody to lend his producing talents to Melody’s efforts at constructing the band’s first EP, an early version of BW. Dennis began injecting his own considerable musical knowledge to the mix, making a slew of suggestions that would ultimately have a major influence on the direction that Melody’s songs would take in their final forms. Through Dennis and Melody’s collaboration, Stella’s Notch began to employ deeper layers of musical refinement, utilizing string and keyboard accompaniment.

Stella’s Notch continued to play shows and establish their sound. Another turning point came in late August 2006, when many Stella’s Notch’s regular players were unavailable for an important show. Dennis turned to his musical network and recruited additional substitute session players, which included future bassist Chadface. After the success of that show, Dennis and Chadface began playing more shows as stand-ins for the regular keyboard and bass players respectively, which eventually turned into a regular appointment in the band. The final catalyst for the foundation of the current core line up came once again in the form of absentee members. When medical reasons forced the group’s drummer to “temporary leave of absence” from the group, Miguel Rodriguez, whom Dennis had known through their membership in LA band, X-Syndrome, was brought in to fill out the percussive duties.

Finally, although freelance violinist Yen was brought on to help round out the sound of the band for one show only, her innate energy and sound was found to complement the rest of the band beautifully, so she was promoted to secondary support status membership in the band. Whenever possible, her talents with the violin enable Stella’s Notch to achieve new dimensions in their live string accompaniment, bringing class and an additional dramatic tone to the already dynamic performances.

With all of the pieces of the puzzle in place, Stella’s Notch has emerged as a new force in the music scene, aiming to reach listeners and concert goers in the farthest reaches of the universe, and beyond…

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Melody (vox, guitar), Dennis (lead guitar, backing vox), Chadface (bass, backing vox), Miguel (percussion), Yen (violin)


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Jim Jenkins, CEO, Cleveland Kid Productions

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