Solemn Company

Solemn Company

Solemn Company is a Progressive Power Metal band from Ashburn, VA.

In a time long past, mighty Odin looked down upon Midgard, and saw that it had become dull. Resolute to enliven the world of men, he struck the ground, and from it rose a quartet of grim-faced troubadours, guitars in hand, purposing only to shake the world to its very foundations and make the land resound with the power of rock'n'roll. This company of heroes came to be called the Solemn Company.

Since then, the Company has learned and improved quite a bit (more than we'd like to admit), gone through several lineup changes, and met a lot of great audiences. The response to our music has been more than we ever could have hoped for. Thanks, guys!

Solemn Company plays an energetic brand of metal, taking influence from sources from Iron Maiden to Blind Guardian to August Burns Red. Rocking out is our only goal. We want you to want us.

Finals on Sunday! Be there, people, be there.

Back in the saddle! We had an awesome time at the YAC Battle; thanks to everybody who came out!

Even better news: our victory today means that we will be performing again at the YAC finals on May 6 (2:00-6:00, more details soon) and at Youthfest on June 16! Bring your friends! Bring your acquaintances! Bring your enemies!

We hope everybody at the Battle tonight had as great a time as we did! Photos soon. May the rock be with you.

Photos by Danbi Kim.

Photos by Danbi Kim.

Great show today!!! Thank you for those who have shown up and supported us, you guys mean a lot to us

recording guitar parts for our new song entitled "Gideon"

Won the Edge Battle of the Bands competition, thank you for everyone who came out and supported the band, without you we wouldn't be here.

Band Members

Caleb Scott- Lead Guitar/Vocals
Evan Watson- Rhythm Guitar
Dave Wyman- Bass
Andrew Reale- Drums


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General Manager

Aaron Reale
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