Sunstorm One

Sunstorm One produces original techno, trance and ambient music.

Sunstorm One features the talents of a diverse group of musicians, combining Celtic, Native American, Electronica and Rock influences into cutting edge trance and ambient tracks.

Their first album, "Electrancity", was an instant hit in European clubs. Their second CD, "Lightning at Dawn", was released in October 2010, and continues to climb the Electronica charts.

The current CD, released in December 2011, is titled "Eye of the Storm - The Ambient Sunstorm One". It is a compilation of purely ambient tracks from the first two albums, as well as several new ambient pieces.

Sunstorm One is scheduled to release a new trance/dance album, in Autumn 2012. It is tentatively titled "Monsoon".

Sunstorm One appears exclusively on Thrive Records (Sony Music).

Sunstorm One

You can now stream Sunstorm One free on SoundCloud: Listen to Sunstorm One | Explore the largest community of artists, bands, podcasters and creators of music & audio.

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Created a new website: Electronica | Phoenix, AZ

Facebook Player for Sunstorm One | Electronica

Sunstorm One has just signed a new contract for 4 albums with Sony Music. We will also be releasing a new single in mid-December! Electronica | Phoenix, AZ

Spellbound by Sunstorm One

One of the songs written for Jeanne... it was just reviewed as part of a marketing survey, and was very well received. How do you express love in a song? I'm not sure, but this was me trying. Enjoy!

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