Tyler Carter

Singer/Songwriter and frontman of rockband Issues.


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My band and I are on tour in Europe, and soon to hit the UK, the amount of love, and prayers being sent from friends and family is much appreciated. There's definitely a lot of chaos going on in every country, but I am doing exactly what I love, and living my dream. I shall not fear the inevitable, and though I will stay alert, I will not let fear over power my passion for this life and career I am following. We will play Bataclan in Paris tomorrow where not even a year ago a mass shooting happened at the very stage, sorry to worry you mom, but we will stand tall and fearless tomorrow, for our fans, and bring as much energy as we can to remember those whose lives were taken there, and to continue to be the rockstars that we have worked so hard to be! Again, thanks for keeping us in your prayers, we have the best security, and have been assured with all the massive festivals we are playing, that there will be heavy security, bomb dogs, and more on site to assure everyone's safe.

Fear will not win. Peace, love, and rock n roll will remain immaculate in our hearts!

Find a couple good dudes, get lost in a city, make some memories that you could never even begin to capture in a photo...


By: Joshua Halling Photography

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