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Young Paperboyz is a Nigerian Hip-hop, R&B & Pop group based in Europe. They are one of the hottest artist in Nigeria and Europe with over 17,000 sales on iTunes from the past years. Young Paperboyz continued to develop as a artist and Songwriter by working under some of Nigeria, UK, Germany, Ukraine USA’s biggest Musical names such as Lil Jojo, Hardx,, Angeliya, Logan Chapman, Alex Martin, Sutflute, Tustep and many others.
They also got signed to Universe Media Group in 2011, Bandamusic label in 2010 and now Officially manage by NaijaMayor Record in 2013.
In mid-2009 Young Paperboyz released their debut album, “Moving” achieving modest sales around approximately 8,000 copies and They followed that with the mixtape, release of another mixtape again and again till date.
On September 30, 2013, Young Paperboyz released their new electronic album "Naija Boss Techno Reloaded" that is now available on iTunes, Spinlet and other major digital retailers. The album's songs are extremely catchy and hook listeners right away; you can dance to it all day.

Young Paperboyz is an Hip/Hop, R&B & Pop group

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