Alec Benjamin

yoyo. i'm alec.



Writing some songs :)

just found this in my phone . I love my grandma 🙂


Workin on some music 😁😁😁

Miss being out on the road 🚌

Please sign up for my email if you'd like to see me live 😬

On the NEW MUSIC FRIDAY playlist !!! THANK YOU Spotify :) !!!!!!! please save and share the song if you can ! :)

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Alec Benjamin - "I Built a Friend" (Music Video)
Alec Benjamin/Matisyahu - "Stan" (Cover/Tour Video)
"The Water Foutain" St. Paul
Alec Benjamin - "Wrinkles" (Demo)
Alec Benjamin - "Medicine Man" (Boy in a Box)
Alec Benjamin - "Animal" (Story Sunday)

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