The official page of Burnseer. Seattle-based rock band which includes past members of Gruntruck, Skin Yard, Milk Maiden's Crawl, Softy, and so on...

REVIEW: Burnseer’s self-titled debut


A recent review of our album..


thisisbooksmusic.wordpress.com Call it what you want: alternative, indie rock, post-grunge, pop punk but Burnseer are a power trio who simply make some damn music and if they sound like anything I described, it’s because t…

From our show at the Substation earlier this month. Walk Away (filmed by John Sanders).


Starting to write new material. Look out world!!

First Burnseer show in 2017 tonight at Substation. 9:30....

Burnseer to Play The Staion on 45th Thursday Jan 5 8:00PM!


Just a reminder that Burnseer will be playing the Substation this Thursday.
Also on the bill are The Considerate A-holes and Limegoat.
Show starts at 9. Hope to see everybody there!

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Review - Burnseer - Burnseer - - Green Monkey Records -

This is our first record review. Not Bad.


- Label: 'Green Monkey Records'
- Genre: 'Indie' - Release Date: 'January 2017'- Catalogue No: 'GM1039'

Our Rating:
Burnseer are a female-fronted rock band out of Seattle with connections to The Fastbacks and Jack Endino among others.

The album opens with Walk Away, which like Arson Garden while they are feeling a touch sad. It has a breakdown that lets you know a cataclysm is coming and just as you think everything's going to be okay they come back in to break things apart so you can walk away.

Waiting is sturdy American Indie rock. Frankie G's vocals have a rich tone to them that works really well on this sort of song, which reminds me a little of Veruca Salt. It's also a bit on the catchy side. Lullaby is not a gentle little song to send you to sleep; it's more of a slightly grungy late period Downy Mildew style song and sounds pretty damn good to me.

If sounds like a typical early 90's college rock (no bad thing) it doesn't stand out too much. You'd probably dance to it at the indie disco but would you be asking who it's by? I'm not sure. Corner opens like an old Afghan Whigs outtake before building into more of an Arson Garden meets an un-countrified Two Nice Girls with some very cool distorted guitars going on into the bargain.

Burnseer is a long, slow-building instrumental. It's nice and doomy, reminiscent of, say, Band Of Susans in the mid 90's but maybe a bit quicker. Damn, it's a great tune and I want to hit repeat. California, meanwhile, is about being sick of songs about California rather than the bands hailing from the Sunshine states, such as Frightwig who have influenced them.

Wishing Well is a slow,almost-blues grunge rock song that keeps them right in that 90's groove they have going. FUMF apparently isn't worthy of an Explicit sticker and well that would only encourage the wrong kind of fan who like songs with swearwords in them thinking they have to be able to sing the words back to the band at every concert. Yes that's exactly what this song is all about. And yes, it will work great live in a rock club.

The album concludes with Haunted: a slow, strummed road trip of a song that's almost like a come down tune as they watch you crash and the guitars burn into your skull and the vocals make sure you feel like you are crashing slowly down again. A very cool way to bring the record to a close.

For anyone who really likes old school college rock this is well worth checking out at Burnseer at Green Monkey

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