youngster jiji

youngster jiji

its lit

I can't believe I'm talking to lil mophead

- lil mp

s/o lil mophead!!!

- jiji

IRAQ // prod. gryfon


edit: im bad at keeping my Facebook page updated, but again tysm for the 11.5k on iraq~ @user-397646715 @user-397646715 @user-397646715 prod. @gryfon1 mixed and mastered @cidvishiz at DUBBLE CLUTCH STUDIOS (SEA) art by @aveckee (twitter) == I BEEN FIGHTIN MI OWN WAR Iā€™M DOIN 9999 DAM

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I have stickers now !!! Ye get them at mi next show

sry i don't post on this much but im super proud of my sc plays rn :o !! i have 10k+ plays on the last 5 tracks i've dropped! ty all so much for listening

- jiji

ty to everybody who came out to the moon !!!

bigger ty to Kalina Melrose for the photos !!!

show tonite!! with so much god damn talented peoples (,:

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