Botfly Infestation

Brutal Death Metal/Goregrind/Progressive Whatevermetal from Everett, Washington

Politically based, hate fueled, bare-bones gore!

Some people thing metal is a disgusting, awful sound. This is what those people are talking about.

Neutron Crusher. Surpassing the Schwarzchild Radius of the Earth. Radiowave Distortion. Unknown. Galvanized Bones. Plasma Torch Dismemberment.

Well, the hiatus was short. I'm back to writing (I just couldn't stay away!)

I'll be using my Roland Ekit for drums rather than programming them, and using BIAS for guitars and bass for a much nicer sound, as well as normal exhaled vocals as well as the inhaled gurgles i've used in the past. I'll also be using lower tunings as well for extra brutals B|

I hope all of you enjoy. I'll be posting a teaser on friday!


New logo by Skyline Graphic Design. Awesome guy to work with. Message him if you're interested, he's looking for bands to work with!

I obviously haven't posted in a while, and i'm calling for an official hiatus for BxIx. Due to school, life, work, and a lot of other things in my life, I haven't been able to devote a worthy amount of time and effort into Botfly's music. I love all of you guys and I appreciate all the support for my music. I will probably pick up the writing again near the end of school where I have more free time.

The main thing is that this is NOT the end! BxIx is not dead. Thank you everyone. I'll be seeing you.


So i've had a few people ask me this since the split came out, so I thought i'd ask this abroad;

I'm going to create a Bandcamp to put the As God Reclaims The Earth demo on when it's finished, but who would like physical copies to be released as well? I would gladly make a copy for anyone who asks, for a "name your own price" as well, for all the fellow CD collectors out there :)

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Gore, metal, hot girls, and chicken wings.

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Taylor Johnson


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Self-produced (for now)
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