One For The Fall

Heavy and Angry

Started of with Alex Ortiz and Edgar Rameriez just jamming out to as blood runs black in late 2010. Since then we have added Dustin Mckenzie as the other guitarist, then with our departure with our vocalist, we enlisted Kevin Capone. We now have 8 songs to bring you. We have no recruited Jake Hollander as bassist. We have big things lined up for us. So look for us on the show scene and tell your friends about us

Just a few guys doing what they love and loving what they do


Southern Arizona Hardcore.

5 song E.P. coming soon!


It's coming, be ready.

We are still looking for a drummer! Help us out!

Tell your friends.

Enough with eating around the bush. We are BACK! Looking for a drummer. Tryouts starting now

Prepare yourselves.

Round 2

Complain. Constantly complain. The scene falls apart in our hands and we bitch about it. But when we try to build, when we dig our hands into the dirt and forge a foundation it gets pissed upon by our OWN. Everyone's a troll and few people tend to be genuinely helpful. Let's see some love for our scene. Let's see a big local show. Let's see someone release a track and have genuine constructive criticism and praise show up. It's our fault if we collapse, so let's fucking prevent it.

Band Members

Alex Ortiz-Drums
Edgar Rameriez-Guitar
Dustin Mckenzie-Guitar
Kevin Capone-Vocals
Jake Hollamder-Bass


Current Location

General Manager

Anyone of the band members

Booking Agent

Anyone of the band members
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