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I express my vocal creations with:

The Break Up
The Atomica Project
Sol Sirenn
The Myriad Form
Diva Destruction

This is my musical Facebook page! I will be adding and implementing over time, yet for now, this will be where we can keep in touch ~ I'll update and share my musings and music here.

While it's been quiet on the surface, I've been in my own underground nirvana learning the bass guitar, experimenting with my vocals, and writing some songs for my solo project, Sol Sirenn.

Stay tuned! And Happy Solstice!

It is with well thought out deliberation and a melancholy heart, that I make the announcement of my indefinite resignation from The Break Up.

The past couple of years have turned my path into ways both painfully dark and sweetly enlightening, deaths and births, both literal and symbolic. And yet, while monopolizing my time, this has left the band in an unfair state of limbo. While an album of material is over half finished, it is still taking too much time and toll in its process of production and release. I am stepping aside for this undetermined or perhaps finite amount of time. We shall see what seeds take as the winds of the future settle with the soils that manifest.

Until then, it is with absolute grace and gratitude that I thank my former creative musical artists, for all of the incrediblele music, performances and fun we have had! I will miss us dearly! Stay tuned though.. as the incredibly talented Shane, Mike and Sarah.. I believe just may be up to something wickedly delightful already.. ;)

As for me, I will continue to let go unto my alchemical metamorphosis until its time has reached its golden dawning, and, my voice and artistic expression arises once again, rebirths with the brilliance of the new day.



I've noticed I've been having lots of visits to the page but only a few are following. I think it's because I don't post here often enough... So, I'm going to attempt to post more music and art related stuffs here.

Follow me ;)

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My Vocal Coach Extraordinaire featured me! CHECK OUT THE INTERVIEW! Sev is a local treasure here in Seattle. Onstage she personifies the word “fierce” and is a hero to many fans who identify with her strength and passion. She has been making original music in different bands (including The Breakup and Cylab) for many years and shows no signs of stopping. These are h...

<3 <3 <3 !! THE BREAK UP !! TONIGHT !!! <3 <3 <3
Black Thursday at the Highline on Broadway, Seattle 21+
Mary Abbadon CD Release Party ~ Post Rapture Party

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Cold Clocked ~ The Break Up

And come see us play TONIGHT for GAY PRIDE at The Highline. 10pm. 21+ Cold Clocked (single off the upcoming album "The Brave") written by Shane Allen Hall and Severina X Sol c&P 2013 produced and m...

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creations include electro, rock, alternative, pop, classic, gothic, industrial, tribal, ethereal, ambient, jazz and anything outside the box!

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