Laith Abu Joda

He has the ability to sing all kinds of music and different languages such as English. In September 2014, he was selected with 16 participants from differe

Laith Abu Joda, born November 9, 1992 is a Palestinian singer, born in Jordan; he began performing in school while he was 6 years old. His parents have noted his talent and then they decided to register him in the Music Institute, he learnt to play the violin and became a proficient in it, where he was chosen among the best 100 students at that time.

Laith Music background :
At the age of 17, he went to (Egypt)-Cairo to complete his undergraduate studies specifically in the field of music. He joined the High Cinema Institution, specialized in the sound engineering. On the other hand, he took advantage of his skills in learning opera singing and then he joined the coral team of the Cairo Opera House and participated with a large selection of well-known artists at the Arab level.

Laith in Star Academy:
He has the ability to sing all kinds of music and different languages such as English. In September 2014, he was selected with 16 participants from different Arab countries to join the program of the Star Academy season 10 Arabic version.
In star academy Laith sang all kinds of singing, he also sang with super stars such as Assi El Helany, Joseiph Atteih & Fady Andrawes.

Laith new song:
Laith decided to start his career with unique song to deliver his message to all the Arab world, he choose “Allah Ysamehna” to be his first single, a song for humanity, it talk about the suffering of the Arab world.
Allah Ysamehna’s lyrics written and composed by the Lebanese artist Karina Eid, it was filmed a video clip by the Lebanese director Rindala Kodeih.
Allah ysamehna launched on Anghami App and it considers one of the top Arabic songs on Anghami.
you can listen to the song through this link:
and watch the video clip promo through this link:

Laith first concert:
Laith first concert was in the valentine-day at ElSawy Culture Wheel, the number of attendees was more than 1200 person on addition to the VIPs where attended representatives from all embassies in Egypt and public figures and Egyptian artist.

Laith Awards:
Laith won a lot of awards since he started his journeys in this field. Here is the most important awards he won:
• Fox music as best raising male artist in 2014
• Laith is the first Arabian male to be in the 7 finalists to win the international award of Shorty Award

Laith interviews and media:

A lot of programmes made interviews with Laith and here are the most important ones as following:
• Hona Al3asema at CBC with lames Al hadedy
• Naharak saied at Nile Life
• Bireuit at LBCI
• Oyoun Bireuit on OSN
In addition to the press interview such as
Rotana, Laha magazine, saidyety magazine and Alyaqza.
The Perss is caring about Laith news where his reception in Egyptian covered by more than 60 Newspapper such Alyoum7, AlFAjr, Al Masry Alyoum,…

مساء الخير احبتي باقي يوم واحد على عيد الفطر السعيد
كل عام و انتم بالف خير يا رب يكون كما بتتمنو و اكتر و يا رب يقرب و يألف بين قلوبكم احبتي ❤❤

مساء الخير احبائي
احكولنا من ( ١ الى ١٠ ) قديش مستعدين لاستقبال العيد ؟؟ 😀😀

شو بتحبو اكتر ؟؟ شاركوني يا احبائي 😀😀😀

سوْال تفاعلي
شو بتفضلو الاكتر ابيض ولا اسود في هاي الصورة ؟؟؟ 😀😀😀😀
يلا الكل يشاركنا

مساء الخير مني و من ندى و صديقنا مينو بنبعتلكم احلى تحية مليئة بالمحبة
و انتو شو راح تهدونا 😜😜😜

القاهرة و نيلها ....مساء الخير وين ما كنتوا و صياما مقبولا
يا ريت الكل يشارك معانا بكومنت فيه قلب ازرق 💙💙

ليث اليوم عنده مشكلة في الاكاونت تبعه بيحاول يحلها اذا ما زبطت راح يعوضها ب انستاغرام لايف و بنعتذر جدا جدا عالتأخير و العطلة الغير مقصودة
رجائا اعملو شيير

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