Rising is the ultimate concert experience for Dio fans wanting to hear the songs performed live with the same feel, vocal mastery and tone you hear on the albums. Rising is not affiliated with or endorsed in any way by Niji Entertainment.

Rising takes classic songs from Elf, Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Dio and Heaven and Hell and recreates them live, on stage - note for note. Rising has become the ultimate concert experience for Dio fans wanting to hear the songs performed live with the same feel, sound and vocal mastery and tone you hear on the albums.

Rising is acclaimed by fans on both sides of the Atlantic for recreating the sound, look and feel of a Ronnie James Dio concert

Rising began as Stand Up and Shout in Seattle in 2007. Having recently changed the name to Rising to reflect both his recent work as well as the landmark Rainbow albums that included "Rising" the band is dedicated to helping keep the legacy of Ronnie in the minds and the ears of generations to come.

We believe in the power music has to provide strength, support and power to the individual. This band is a labour of love and we do this with humility in the greatness of his shadow.

Rising is not affiliated with or endorsed in any way by Niji Entertainment. By fans, for fans.

It’s no secret that Ronnie meant so much too so many. His enormous voice, songwriting, presence and graciousness to his fans made him that “once in a lifetime” talent, that connected people. Millions of his fans miss him daily, including us in this band. His imagery and intense elegance influenced every one of us not only on a musical level, but a personal level as well. This is a very rare thing…a true inspired connection.

Rising is a tribute to Ronnie himself. Not any specific band, but more to the vast career that he had starting with Elf and continuing through Heaven and Hell. We are rabid fans of Ronnie’s, and our goal is to recreate the songs as accurately as possible to the original recordings, while still energizing the audience enough to know they’ve been hit very hard by the power of the his music.

We have played in front of thousands of his fans and we’ve seen people cry, people everywhere tell us that they cannot believe how accurately the songs were represented, how good the musicianship was or how well our vocalist Chad McMurray does at recreating Ronnie’s intense vocal style. We give all of this credit to one thing; we LOVE Ronnie’s music…When we do a show, the fans know that we are not trying to be Rockstar’s or ride the coat tails of one of Rock’s brightest stars, we are there because we love to play the music and share the experience with all of the other fans that create the experience WITH us. It’s a synergy that takes all of us to make it happen. Ronnie’s fans are some of the most passionate and intense people in Metal and their response to us has been overwhelmingly positive because they KNOW that we are as big of fans as they are.

Amongst his most rabid fans, the members of Rising understand what it means to play these songs with total passion and conviction...Just as Ronnie did for decades. Masterful vocals, bad-ass guitar and songs we all hold sacred, Rising carries the torch of Rock's most amazing vocalist and songwriter. Dio FOREVER!!!

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Chad McMurray-Vocals
Mark Xavier Plog- Guitar
Alan Nesbitt- Guitar
Jericho Hankins - Bass
Michael Robson - Drums
Jonathan Sindelman - Keyboards


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