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At an age when most people are doing good to get registered to vote, Stitches was putting out a video that accrued six million views in a mere six days. The release of his hit song ‘Brick in Yo Face’ launched the Miami artist’s career. Racking up millions upon millions of views in such a short span of time was such a powerful statement that it forced music critics nationwide to sit up and take notice.

As well known for his talent behind the mic as the controversy that surrounds him, Stitches take no prisoners approach has taken the music industry by storm. With his distinctive ‘stitches’ face tattoo he grins out at sellout crowds all across the US, taking his high energy rap style from the club to the stage and back again, all while whipping the crowd into a passionate frenzy.

He released his first mixtape called “No Snitching Is My Statement” in 2014, the same year ‘Brick in Yo Face’ hit. 2015 was filled with a debut album in 2015, entitled ‘For Drug Dealers Only’ as well as another pair of mixtapes: ‘Brick Bible’ and ‘Supply and Demand.’In 2016 he released his next studio record ‘Tales of a Drug Lord’ while 2017 brought the smash record ‘Cocaine Holiday.’

Few in the industry can match his drive and focus. Each month brings at least one new song release, most of which are followed by music videos, each of which quickly nets millions of views. His touring schedule is equally intense, taking him from shore to shore, and all points in between. Currently he is booking worldwide, and chomping at the bit to play a venue near you.

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