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Verse is a Hip Hop artist out of Seattle, Washington – A city well known as a melting pot, harboring vast art forms and a golden zone for music of all varieties. Pulling influence from more than just those rappers/emcees who came before him, Verse has and will prove further more that he can stand boldly on any topic and bend the common tones of Hip Hop around him with conviction. Verse’s ability to be both cleverly abstract and adversely real in one fluid motion invites the listener in with simplicity then teases them to search for the true meanings behind his subject matter. The delivery of his flow and the music that backs it has morphed exponentially in the past 10 years with each release breaking from the mold of the previous. His wide range of concepts and his flexibility of style have made him at home on stage with acts ranging from Electro Punk, R&B, numerous incarnations of Hip Hop, and even Acoustic Rock. He has captured a large local following, an enormous online fan base, and has established a foundation internationally with many fans in Germany. Verse is currently one of the premier acts on the independent label Red Pill Records and one of the creative minds behind his more “guerrilla” banner, Robot Villain Records. As an in-house producer and vocalist for both labels, his words and his music have at many times branched beyond his immediate work and into other projects such as an Industrial-Core group (Agronaut) and his current Rap group (Demons Dying Slowly). With countless units of his two self-released titles under his belt and a booming merchandise store, his sound and influence is blooming in the Northwest. Collapse: Quantum Suicide is Verse’s 3rd full length album respectively, and the first under his alternate moniker “Dark Madder”. The album’s production is shared by Elliot B. and Verse, with a few highlighted exceptions by P Smoov (of Mad Rad/ Fresh Espresso) Copywrite, and S.I.N. (Germany). As with all of his releases, the album also features a remix by RVR label-mate Gonken. It features a strong solo presence by Verse but also boasts a powerful guest roster comprising of the legendary Motion Man (of Masters of Illusion w/ Kool Keith), Copywrite (MHz - RJD2/Jakki/Camu Tao/Tage) Stream of Consciousness, and Alphonso Gold (from associated act Demons Dying Slowly).

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Kissler sent me samples of two tracks from what eventually be DM3. Get excited, I am.


Tripping The Fringe

Kissler and I have officially broke ground on Dark Madder 3. I brought the red ribbon he snagged a pair of novelty giant scissors. I brought a button down shirt w/ a tie, he snagged a hard hat and shovel. I turned the lights on in an oversized airplane hanger, he gathered all the employees and is currently pulling back the tarp.

In my head I have been kicking around the mood of Dark Madder III. It's been 3 years since Kissler and I released the 2nd Dark Madder album. The first album was very introspective and had some deep personal themes... The 2nd made light of personal demons I had and shit I was going through. Now I'm in a completely different place in my life with a new family of my own. I'm surrounded by love and happiness and bla bla bla blah. My music has always been influenced by the bad, my struggles, and other shit I couldn't handle in any other way. I could say I'm a different person now which has made it hard to pull the trigger on 3. The pieces are starting to click into place and you will be getting a 3rd DM album sooner than later. My music isn't dead... I haven't left the game... I've just taken a step back to gain a different prospective and Hip-Hop will always be a part of my life.. it won't be all sunshine and rainbows but it WILL have a different flavor.
Dark Madder 3 - Tripping the Fringe

Verse The Villain | Dipped

I'm now on instagram. Find me VERSETHEVILLAIN Hip Hop | Phoenix

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Those Hungry Eyes Live (Seattle 09)

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Verse The Villain (aka Erik Borgen) - vocals/production
Kissler (aka Chris Kissler) - production


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Warner Bros Music/ Red Pill Records/ Robot Villain Records

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Justin Murta

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Erik Borgen
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