Jordan Sherman

Jordan Sherman is a multi-instrumentalist originally from Pompano Beach, Florida. See full bio by clicking "about!"

With original material landing somewhere between John Mayer and Incubus, Jordan Sherman is a multi-instrumentalist originally from Pompano Beach, Florida. During his time studying music therapy in Windsor Ontario, Sherman started working as a jazz pianist, solo acoustic singer/songwriter, dueling pianist, and was the front man of several rock/funk/blues/soul/pop bands.

Releasing his first solo record, "Tides" in 2010, Sherman played several coffee houses and smaller original shows to promote the record, spreading a beachy, easy listening vibe.

In the fall of 2012, Sherman moved to Washington D.C. to further pursue his career in music. Since the move, he has been performing in pubs, clubs, restaurants, outdoor venues, and private events 3-4 times a week, promoting his second full length album, "Life Outside," released July 20, 2014.

If you live in the DMV area, be on the look out for Jordan Sherman at a local venue near you!

Olympic Music

Hey, friends! My band is playing at the Silverlake lounge on Thursday at 9pm. If you're in the area, come say hi! Tickets are $10. Peace and love!

Thursday is coming up fast! We're so excited, can't wait to see you guys! We highly recommend purchasing tickets before the show:

When ur buddy shows up with an iPhone 7 plus... @andy_nelson #deptheffect

Blue, or Red?

Olympic - "Reframe"

New city, new band, new sound.

Check out Olympic's first single, "Reframe." This is the official audio for Olympic, an L.A. based rock group’s first single, “Reframe.” Olympic is: Vocals/Synth/Guitar: Jordan Sherman Bass Guitar: Sean...

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