Koda Sequoia

Though they have yet to write their own "Jimmy Olsen's Blues" or "Two Princes",this band has the potential to be the Spin Doctors of the current generation

Some people can remember a time when you didn't have to be loved to get things done.
Others only remember the joy in not doing.
These are the people to wonder about.

When you fall face-first into a puddle, how sure are you that you are not getting out on the Otherside?

What is really trying to get said here is that every child should be given a loyal pet at birth.
And what happens to that pet greatly determines the outcome of that child's life.

Saturday is Koda's last show in this band form thing! Mr. Dug is moving to New York next week. He's been a super bud, not only playing the bass but recording and mixing our recordings! Cool guy, that Dug. Josh is moving to B-Ham next month too, like a... something in the night. Spike's a leaf in the wind. Jeebo is a pebble floating down a stream. Whatever man, you guys are pretty cool too I guess.

Thanks to Foster, the VFW, and all you fine Missoula folk! We had a blast.

We're gonna hang at this cabin for a bit before moseying on home!

Spirits animals.

Thanks for the love last night! Later dweebs, hey Portland

Unfortunately, we have to drop off the Monkey show this weekend. Bummer!

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