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1122 The Modern Classic *now available* 1122 The Modern Classic by Johnny Hoffman & the Residents

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Next Saturday Everett 🎶
We are playing A very punk set 🚀🎶🎸 with SEATTLE's The Wild Lips
Black Lab Gallery

🇺🇸Seattle BAND COMING TO London 🇬🇧
Get their latest album For free here:

Jo Krassin-Guitarist Johnny Hoffman & The Residents

INSTA: krassin91 INSTA:johnnyhoffman&theresidents

Johnny Hoffman & The Residents

Posted a new song: "9-09 Stall" Rock | Everett

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May 20th @Black Lab
Jhoff Plays Seattle Jan 29th The Substation
This Friday The 13th @ The ANchor

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Playing for your goosebumps

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Main Contributor- Joseph Krassin

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Dylan Miller:

Alex Vincini:

Marcus Chavez

Ian Stafford


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