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Seattle's weirdo noise-punk band Pink Muscles, called "a rallying cry for a too-stale punk scene" by The Stranger, meld a punishing mix of aggressive music styles with gory science fiction themes to create the soundtrack for one of the most disturbing horror films you’ve never seen.

Drawing influence from no wave, hardcore, death metal, thrash metal, noise rock, punk rock and horror movie soundtracks, Pink Muscles’ sonic missives are built on layers of effected guitar, pounding rhythms, unconventional song structures and furious screaming to bring the horror to life. Their songs are mostly short and all pissed the fuck off.

Pink Muscles began as a solo project by band guitarist/vocalist Marshall McLaughlin after he inherited a guitar from his late father. McLaughlin was inspired to learn how to play the instrument, and slowly began writing and recording the songs that would become the Upper Body Strength demo, recorded in 2014. With a musical vision in place, Marshall began hunting for bandmates to transform the drum machine-fueled solo project into a full band.

After completing a lineup in 2016 with guitarist Eric Elliott, bassist Lee Newman and drummer Janet Trares, Pink Muscles honed their live performance, quickly becoming a force in the Seattle music scene and touring the west coast while sharing the stage with The Dwarves, Author and Punisher, Dayglo Abortions, and Nasalrod. The current lineup includes Stuart Dahlquist (Sunn O))), Asva, Goatsnake), who recently joined to take on full time bass duties.

Now, Pink Muscles arrive with their debut release The Signal. A concept album in spirit, the 14 tracks tell stories of inter-dimensional monsters that have come to Earth to put an end to humanity. Each song is mini-horror film, bringing to life jarring tales of demonic male pregnancy and magic tampons ("Black Market Tampons"), pills that turn humans into insects ("The Man at the End of My Street"), and gargantuan spiders that fly out of the sun to eat families alive ("Battery Acid").

Local press has taken note. Seattle Passive Aggressive describes Pink Muscles as "spastic punk-fueled tunes that draw from death-metal skronk and no-wave...complemented by the frontman barking like a maniac out of breath", while The Stranger proclaims Pink Muscles’ "loud rock cocktail splits the difference between Dead Kennedys and Pig Destroyer, only filtered through the melted circuit-board sound that made Botch so affecting."

The Signal will be available on May 1 2017, with a supporting tour to follow.

Here's a wonderful translation of a blurb written about our debut album: The Signal by Russian blog VK:

From the pink guys that love Pig Destroyer, noise rock, death metal, punk rock and tropical psychedelia. Quite a ragged and strange release giving off mud punk rock, and equally combining the abundance of sound experiments and mathematical somersaults. For fans of all kinds of Guerilla Toss, Arab on Radar, The Locust, Daughters, GG Allin etc.

One month from Sunday, we go on our 2nd tour. We're playing with a ton of killer bands (including Thrones OMG). Say hi to us!

June 21st @ The Twilight Cafe, Portland, OR w/ Thrones, Toim and Gooo

June 22 @ Jub Jub's, Reno, NV - w/ADHDOD, Dissidence and Disvein

June 23rd @ Underground, SLC, UT w/Suburban Hell Kill, Discount Deadbeats, Angry Streets

June 24th @ Bar Bar, Denver, CO w/Terminals, The Pollution, Drink Drank Punk

June 25th @ Milk Run, Omaha, NE w/TBA

June 26th @ Ojata Records, Grand Forks, ND w/ TBA

June 27th @ The Railyard, Billings, MT w/TBA

June 28th @ The Olympic, Boise, ID w/ Piss Angel, Cerberus Rex and more TBA

June 29th @ The Baby Bar, Spokane, WA w/Foxtrot Epidemic

June 30th @ Le Voyeur, Olympia, WA w/Wild Jumps, Deceptives, Agents of Echo

July 1st @ The Anthill, Seattle, WA w/ TBA

This is way overdue but I wanted to thank Bret Moore from Balsa and String Break Records. He selflessly reached out to us to offer his help with promotion and distribution and he did a killer job. All of the airplay we got was strictly because Bret mailed our album to a bunch of radio stations. He also made us an excellent one-sheet, bio and a decent looking webpage. Thank you, thank you, thank you Bret. I'm blown away by your generosity and we all really appreciate what you've done to help us.

Thank you to SFCR in San Francisco for playing "Teenage Rainbows"!

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Stuart Dahlquist, Eric Elliott, Janet Trares, Marshall McLaughlin


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