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Mud Junket wants to play for you! Hear our demo recordings at (believe it or not)

Mud Junket is all about bluesy, funky, rootsy rock 'n' roll. Think of it as a trip...a fun trip to some river-bottom town someplace spiritually between New Orleans and Chicago and Austin. There you'll find a place where the music is a little loud, a little funky and always rockin'. The dance floor's hot, the drinks are cold and the people are just flat friendly. It's in that joint you'll find a five-piece band banging out funky, rootsy, rockin' tunes with a hint of the Bayou and a dash of Route 66. That's Mud Junket. Formed in 2005 as Mudcat, the band has played benefits for a variety of community organizations in Seattle and the San Juan Islands, private parties and watering holes across western Washington. Send mail to news-subscribe[at] to get on our mailing list. Send mail to john[at] for bookings. And visit us at to load up on Mud Junket gear!

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We're pleased to announce our brushed-up website, where you can find some new studio recordings showing off what we can do for *your* party/gathering/watering hole/event! Check out the new and spread the word... We are Mud Junket, a funky, soulful Seattle septet devoted to the groove. Sax, keys, guitar, bass, more percussion than you can shake a tambourine at and harmonies to make you swoon. We bring all that hip-shakin' joy to your party, festival or bar-room.

Mud Junket is once again playing at Crystal Mountain Resort's Snorting Elk Cellar, the best ski bar in the US! Join us on Friday, March 3 and Saturday, March 4 for a rockin' good time.

Hey everybody, we have some news to share: This spring Mud Junket bid a fond farewell to Kit Warfield, who's been drumming with us for many years, and we wish her well. With our gig this Thursday we formally welcome drummer Telea Noriega, and we're excited for you to meet him. He's been playing on the Seattle scene for 15 years, so you might have caught him at gigs previously. Check out our event link below and come on out to Madrona!

Here we are setting up at the Snorting Elk on Friday night. (Thanks to groupie Tatiana for the pic!) A great time was had by all, and we can't wait to get back to Crystal Mountain Resort!

Mud Junket

Oh yeah... Just found out we will be returning to Crystal Mountain Resort's world-famous Snorting Elk Cellar, best ski bar in the country, on December 18 and 19! Seems a little weird to be thinking about winter when, y'know, it's barely fall, but -- whoo-hoo! Mark your calendars now for a skiing, rocking weekend you won't forget!

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Shaky Ground
Don't let that Deal go Down/Next Time You See Me
Play That Funky Music, White Boy

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John Healy, Eve Maler, Kit Warfield, Scott Weiss, David Goldberg, Jon Baxter


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