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Dangerous Minds


The Metropolitan Museum of Art unloaded a massive chunk of its collection into the public, making them available for anyone with an internet connection to use.

Collage Life: The Surreal and Disturbing Artwork of Ffo

Dick's seal of approval is on this one ;-)   Ffo is a Moscow-based artist who creates beautiful, strange and surreal collages from anatomical illustrations, classical art, 1950’s pop culture images and Art Nouveau prints. What little is known about this anonymous artist comes directly from the answers given to questions asked by fans. From t...

... hey there is some new broken penis Orchestra news coming up in the future... Stay tuned... This place will let you know of any functioning happenings are going to happen in the functioning future...

Dangerous Minds

‘They Saved Zappa’s Moustache’:

Negativland do Frank Zappa


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