The Broken Penis Orchestra

Comforting the confused, confusing the comfortable...

Got some Organ Failure 7"s lookin for a home as well

Got some cassettes for sale. If you're interested hit me up.

BPO- plays with itself c45 reissue w/xtra track
BPO- ...Sex & Drugs &... c20
BPO- RUNZELSTIRN &GURGELSTOCK remix and tribute c23

Dangerous Minds

Rumor has it some witches even kept the penises in nests and fed them oats.

The Reykjavík Grapevine

Another of Grayson's Saga Recaps whisks us away to the magical world of dick jokes.

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Sex &...
Drugs &...
Half A Glass Of Nothing
BPO live at Debacle Fest 2009 excerpt2
BPO live at Debacle Fest 2009 excerpt1



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