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Eat cereal AND smoke weed at the same time with ‘The Breakfast Bowl’   Is this the perfect wake ‘n bake accessory? Possibly. You just have to dig cereal and weed at the same time. Many people do. The handmade pipe is called “The Breakfast Bowl.” It has a two cup volume for your favorite cereal (mine is Cap’n Crunch) with a “water pipe built into an inner chamber.” Th...

Tijuana Bibles: Cheap, nasty, porno comic books featuring Mickey, Donald, Popeye, & more (Very NSFW)   Tijuana Bibles were eight-page, hand-sized comic books featuring well-known cartoon characters, sporting heroes, and Hollywood film stars in a sequence of hardcore sexual shenanigans. They first appeared sometime in the 1920s as illustrated dirty jokes featuring squeaky clean comic strip character...

Dangerous Minds

There are penis squirt guns

Slightly NSFW.

Dangerous Minds

Yeah, this is NSFW.

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BPO live at Debacle Fest 2009 excerpt2
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