We will take what you know about music and change your definition...Please be a fan of us so that we can be a fan of you. The reward of our relationship will be a sonic bombasting of fury unleashed upon your brain matter.

Basically we get together and sit around wishing we were still teenagers. We want to play the big tours, the big shows, the big rooms. Our music is definitely able to carry us there, but unfortunately we are at work trying to pay our bills. So please leave a message after the beep and when we get back from Home Depot or Bed Bath & Beyond, we'll hit you back about playing that show.

As a band we have 0% drama and that is a rare thing. We treat people with respect as we would expect it from others.

H4S came together out of the crumbles of other bands and projects as many bands do. There are no mystical explosions or super awesome reasons we exist other than we do and have been existing since 2007-2008. "Ryewire" was the previous band and imploded. A new singer was needed and Mark Young was looking for a new Ginsu 2000 knife set on Craigslist. He answered and ad and the rest is history.

Original member Pete Bossler moved to Florida in the summer of 2009 right after the realease of our self titled debut EP "History For Sale". Pete needed to leave for the chance to make mad bank and we sent him off with much, much love and respect.

Doug Warren came in a couple of months after Pete's departure to play bass. Doug was in a previous band with guitarist Keefe O'Neill called "Lady Slipper". Doug was a natural fit for the ever changing direction of HISTORY for SALE.

Seattle has some shitty bands. We are not one of them. Fuck yourself if you think so...Because we are still going to be making music when your shitty little Americana, twee, pseudo-alt-country-folk band breaks up after 8 months of sucking off the local blogging dick and tit bang party.

That is the truth. Sorry if it rubs your skinny jeans the wrong way.

Third Eye Blind + U2 + Coldplay + Pearl Jam + Tonic + Stone Temple Pilots + some other funky shit = HISTORY for SALE

We fucking rule.

TBT...one of the best shows we ever played. Also one of the best posters ever. Long live ROCK.

We are listening to a sample of "I Breathe". For those of you new to the family it is the 3rd track off of our debut record.

What is different about this sample we are listening to is that it has a sample laid upon it from a possible NEW member. If this all works out...this change...it will be the biggest thing to hit this band ever.

Between Mark playing the guitar, and this possible new 5th member with the instrument he plays...HISTORY for SALE will be making some of the biggest noise in the area. Stay tuned.

Thank you everyone for the new likes! If you are new to our world then we really hope you like what is coming up in the next year. We are going to kick your ass.

Meat hook!

Sweet rocking last night! Feeling good in the neighborhood!

AMAZING practice last night. We were without Frans (missed you buddy) and so the three of us sat closely...and played quietly...and listened.

SWEET. Last night we ran into our old time friend Jason Shavey of Longstride Music at practice and caught up a bit. You should check out their page and their just released disc "Days Like These". Really great dance/groove music.

We mapped out another new idea and it is ballz. Seriously. Have a great weekend everyone.

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Phone Calls From Siam - HISTORY for SALE
Show Me How - HISTORY for SALE
A little video from our past...HISTORY for SALE.

Band Interests

Slaying dragons with copious amounts of riffage. Choking on the words of destiny as we spit them upon unweary listeners. All kinds of that cool shit...

Band Members

Mark Young = vocals /
Keefe O'Neill = guitar, samples, vocals /
Frans Laulainen = drums /
Doug Warren = bass, vocals


Current Location

Record Label

Unsigned...Looking for label representation.

General Manager

Searching for one, interested?
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