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There's the usual, and then there's Johnny Polygon. Hailing from Oklahoma, currently residing in Los Angeles, Johnny has become a rhyme spitting, street-ballad singing, force of nature within the music industry thanks to an immediately distinctive style and a refusal to compromise.

pussy gun is coming

Rereleasing The Nothing with a bunch of extra songs on it at the end of the month and throwing free parties to perform and celebrate. Here's the Tulsa info.

Making 100 copies of the Deluxe version of The Nothing. To preorder shoot me a message.


Old people have the best weed and stories.

I'm dropping a deluxe version of my album The Nothing with a bunch of songs I originally cut from its playlist. I want to release it with a brand new cover & print a limited amount of copies. Any artists with ideas please DM me.

I was "detained" for two hours at the Dallas airport last night by security & forced to miss my flight. They kept saying I had something strapped to my waist. They took me to the back room where there was 4 officers with machine guns and several other (exclusively brown) people being questioned and detained. After they didn't find anything I slept in the airport. At 4:30 this morning they reopened the security line where I had to do it all over again. I watched them wave every white person through as they rubbed and patted down me and a Muslim woman with 3 kids like they were protecting them from us. I imagined this what it must've been like to fly somewhere on September 12, 2001. Only this time there was no terrorist attack prompting it. These people were just following orders from our new president. That or maybe this dick is the bomb.

New ART shirt. Art stands for Always Remain Teachable. Super limited run. I think I have 5 left cuz The Johntourage members got em all last month. If you want one, leave an emoji & I'll reply with the link.

FREE SHOW TONIGHT IN TULSA!!! Full band. New/old/classic jams. Fassler Hall. 10pm. 21+. No cover.

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