The Unipiper

The Original flame-spewing, bagpiping, unicycling Darth Vader. Portland, OR

Space soldiers from the future travel to 1997 Portland to prevent the destruction of humanity. This is 'Total Reality'! Yes, this movie really happened, and this week we really watched it on 'Portland At The Movies'! Link in comments.

It may be #BikeToWorkDay where you are, but in Portland we call this Friday.

Unipiper led wedding processional on bicycles? #YouCanInPortland #TBT

Help a piper out! The Unipiper has been nominated this year for 'Best Local Celebrity' in Willamette Week's 2017 Best of Portland! Please take a minute and show your support for a weirder Portland by casting your vote right now! Link in comments below!

Unipiper sighting of the week: Koerner Camera Systems
Thank you for inviting me out to be part of The Pacific Northwest Lens Summit this weekend! It was a great event and I wish you best of luck with next year!

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KGW Visits the Unipiper X Moshow event at Grafletics


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