Graves 33

"I do a lot to be remembered long after I'm gone."

I'm an artist with an eclectic style. I'm inspired by all forms of art. Maybe some would say an eclectic, encrypted or even esoteric lyrical content but I've been known to flip my vocal style up on various projects and tracks. I've been doing some feature tracks lately also. All and all I try to speak to the masses in a way they are not use to. working hard, focusing on versatility in my song writing as well as producing. I've come a long way and have had the honor of performing on bills with some of my biggest influences in the music industry. Artists like Wu-Tang Clan, Artifacts, Das Efx, Acid Reign, Sole, Myka9, 2Mex, Sapient, LuckyIAM, Cadalack Ron, Existereo, Awol One, Casual, P.O.S., Aesop Rock, Kool Keith, Kimya Dawson, Grayskul, Pigeon John, Thesaurus, Mestizo, Qwel & Maker, Barfly, Dark Time Sunshine, Dirt Bag Dan, Mac Lethal, Open Mike Eagle, Orko Eloheim, Paranoid Castle, Factor, Opio, Astronautalis, Macklemore, Busdriver, Ceschi, Jel, Sadistik, and the list could go on and on.
since 2010 marks the year I really started to get my feet wet. Since then I've toured with some of (IMO) the most talented artists in the world, I've released multiple music videos, albums, EP's, collaborative projects, shirts and various memorabilia.
There are projects being released soon that people must hear and I've been doing everything possible to get it to your ears and eyes. I'm ver grateful for everything. Thank you to everyone who's out there paying close attention and truly supporting. - Graves XXXIII

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Graves 33 - Producer / Rapper / Visual Artist / Painter / Film Director

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Get your baby burrito and chill in front of this d🎨pe mural by o_shart x @Graves33 in Greenwood… 19 Likes, 2 Comments - @abigailuna_ on Instagram: “Get your baby burrito and chill in front of this d🎨pe mural by @o_shart x @graver33 on 85th and…”

Graves 33 - "American Hypocrite"…

Graves 33 - "American Hypocrite" via @ugsmag… New Graves 33 video, directed by Dyllyn Greenwood.

People don't dance no more. All they do is this. All they do is this. All they do is this.

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VIDEO: @Graves33 - "American Hypocrite" Get the whole picture - and other photos from UGSMAG

RMR World Premiere | Graves 33 - 'American Hypocrite'…

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RMR PREMIERE @Graves33 'American Hypocrite' - directed by @DyllynGreenwood… Respect My Region brings yet another Northwest hip-hop premiere. Graves 33 releases the Dyllyn Greenwood directed 'American Hyporcrite.'

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GRAVES 33 "I Hope You Comprehend" VISUAL

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I aim to leave a permanent impression on the world through music and art. The family legacy continues.

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