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We were lucky enough to have a 1 hour speed trip round Universal Orlando Resort tonight. Our guide was amazing & apparently we broke her record for most rides ever done in an hour. Cheers for having this overexcited bunch. #UniversalMoments

Had such a great time in Nashville. Thanks so much to everyone who came to our show.

Music Box session #11 - Bastille

Had a chat recently with The Independent about what we've been up to, and did a session with very stripped back versions of "Glory", "Good Grief", "The Currents" and "Two Evils". You can check them all out here. A quick glance at Bastille’s social media accounts makes it look as though they’re having a lot of fun in between gigs on their latest US tour. There are videos of whitewater rafting and excursions to Mount Rushmore, plus one image of the moment the band stumbled onto a nudist beach. But frontman D...

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