Business: Wanna say hi? Musician by profession, foodie by hobby. Stay tuned for new songs :)

I'm an Indian-born American, who loves to travel, eat and sing. I'm a musician by profession, and foodie by hobby. I have learnt Carnatic classical music since I was a young girl and have had many amazing gurus throughout my journey. I'm currently learning Hindustani Classical and taking Western voice lessons. I perform regularly with amazing musicians as part of the Shankar Tucker Band. I can't live without my headphones and the iTablaPro app. I obsess over well-decorated spaces. I don't have any cool life mottos, I just take life one day at a time.

Twirling for YouTube India's #SeeSomethingNew campaign! So grateful to be a part of it, with many other amazing creators!

Sunny mornings 🌞 TRINIDAD, I'm coming with Shankar Tucker, Jomy George Music & Hal Rosenfeld on Feb 4th, Center of Excellence Car Park at midnight-ish. Come and dance with us 💃🏽

Purdue University, thank you for coming out and making it such a special night. You guys rock! <3 Next stop: TRINIDAD! I'll be there on Feb 4th at Chutney Choka, Center of Excellence Car Park. See you there!

PURDUE! I'm coming on Jan 27th @ 6:30pm in the Loeb Playhouse in Stewart Center. Shankar Tucker & Jomy George Music are playing with me! Come and let's dance the night away! Also, it's FREE! Do I need to keep listing the reasons?! 😉 See your beautiful faces there!

NEW VIDEO!! This time it's a mashup of Tove Lo's "Cool Girl," + A.R. Rahman' "Jiya Re." Check it out on my YouTube channel! Shankar Tucker on that banging music production! 💃🏽I'll be in Portland University on Jan 23rd and Purdue University on Jan 27th! Come throughhhhh!

PORTLAND! I'm coming w/ Shankar Tucker, Jomy George Music & Hal Rosenfeld! I'll be performing at Portland State Univ. Ballroom on Jan 23rd at 6:30pm-ish. Grab your tickets (unless you're a PSU student, then it's free!), come out and dance with me! See you there!

NEW VIDEO w/ Vandana Iyer, Shankar Tucker, & Jomy George Music. It was the first time my mom saw a video shoot of mine so it was a family affair :) Our original "Be Free" with "Pallivaalu Bhadravatkam" is up on my channel!

So many amazing people were a part of it, check it out! Huge shoutout to Jayshankar, Shannu, Chattambeez, Sreedevi, Sreenidhi & Shiji Ulleri Photography for being awesome rockstars! #befree

Missing this gorgeous Goa sunset #nofilter #secretshoot

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