Global Heat

Global Heat live hip hop soul & break dance

Fresh, funky Soul music spiced with hip hop and high-energy break dance. This award-winning ensemble features MC/b-boy Justin Murta who has worked with Usher and Chris Brown; and shared the stage with Cee Lo Green (The Voice), Macklemore, and other primary market artists. Justin has been featured on TV shows such as NBC’s “HipHop Nation”(USA), MTV 2 (USA), and Today TV/SNTV (Asia). Global Heat has been featured at the Shanghai (China) International Music Festival, at the largest stages on Northwest Folklife Festival, at the famous Montbleu Theatre at Lake Tahoe (as part of TRIBE-olution), and at other large events. With influences ranging from The Roots, to Bruno Mars, to Macklemore, Global Heat plays mainly original music and some adapted old-school R&B/funk tunes. Performing arts Presenters have called the show "a riveting performance" and "a wonderful cultural event – bridging the gaps between generations, color, culture", with music that is "mystical, magical, majestic and with a message". ... Ordered the 1st of the Global Heat 2.0 series! Introducing our first recorded stuff in 10 years. We have spent 2 years making this project come back to life! Very proud of all my comrades. Pre-order now, we will set up the links soon!

We'll be posting soon about our show at NW Folklife Festival on May 28 too. Awesome lineup for the whole weekend.

Looking forward to two Global Heat shows at Juan de Fuca Festival of the Arts on Saturday, May 27. First set on the main stage at 12:30 pm. With a little side trip to Hurricane Ridge for the views, crisp air, and mountain goats. And school gigs on the day beforehand. Many thanks to Juan de Fuca Foundation for the Arts

Yes... Yezzzzz!!!

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In the studio recording new music!

And Q on how to elevate your band to the next level: "Keep getting better!"

"You can't get anything going without trust, respect, and love". Quincy Jones at The Upstream Summit. Such an honor to hear him speak.

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Global Heat on Stage
Global Heat on Stage and in the Schools

Band Members

Justice (aka Justin Murta): hip hop MC, b-boy, DJ ----

Professor Icee (aka Jairus Green): hip hop MC, b-boy ----

Shaina Shepherd: vocals & percussion ----

Mad Scientist (aka Rob Pastorok): keyboards, African talking drum ----

MSJR (aka Marvin Shields, Jr): vocals, bass, guitar ----

Chris Anderson: percussion & samples ----

Andrey Zasypkin: drums ---

b-boys rockin' with us on most shows are from Dog Pound, SoulShifters, Extraordinary Futures, and Massive Monkees.

Thanks to Special Guests & Past Members:
Mozes Lateef Saleem: hip hop MC, b-boy ----
Orbitron (aka Dufon Smith): hip hop MC, b-boy ----
P-SMiiTH (aka Patrick Smith):
hip hop MC ----
Draze (aka Dumi Maraire, Jr): hip hop MC, mbira ----
Jenn-Jenn Marshall: hip hop MC ----
Kama (aka Kamau Ngigi of Kalamashaka): hip hop emcee
Ra Scion (aka Ryan Abeo): hip hop MC ----
Bob Antolin: guitar, saxophone, flute
Matt Williams: guitar ----
Tristan Gianola: guitar ----
Conrad Real: drums ----
Chris Patin: drums ----
Glen Shackley: drums ----
Ms. V (aka Vaneiya Miller): vocals ----
Cliff Hare: bass ----
ill Gem Joe (aka Joseph Gemmill): hip hop MC
Suntonio Bandanaz (aka Asun Nicholas): hip hop MC ----
J-Red (aka Jared Schindler): hip hop MC ----
Demetrius Williams: drums ----
Ronnie Bishop: drums ----
Ivan Payne: drums ----
Ricardo Guity: drums ----
b-boy Free (aka Alfredo Vergara)
b-boy Apple (aka Victor Alfonzo)


Current Location

Record Label

Red Pill Records; Paradise Road Music

General Manager

Rob Pastorok

Booking Agent for Global Artists Collective
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