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AGNEZ MO aims to shake things up. Sure, the singer, songwriter, actress, and fashion designer is already a bona fide pop icon in her native Indonesia. She's got multiple accolades in music and acting under her belt—including the MTV Indonesia Award for "Favorite Female Artist", numerous multi-platinum hits, and a staggering fan base with over 10 million Twitter followers. However, she's been dreaming of conquering America and the rest of the world since 19-years-old. In 2014, she formally arrives with one goal.
"I want to make people feel sexy," she smiles. "My main focus is to make great music that can make everyone FEEL it, dance and sing to it. I hope they believe they can do anything when they hear my songs. It's about transferring that energy-about letting go and just moving to it."
Armed with a seductive voice, striking style, and magnetic charisma, she captured the attention of legendary producer Timbaland in 2012. For quite some time, it had been a dream of hers to work with him. However, the international impresario got a little tongue-tied during their very first encounter in his Miami studio.

"I swear I have never once been star struck, but when he came into the studio and said, 'Hey, what's up, Ag?' I was like, 'Do I call him Tim? What do I call him?'," she laughs. "I totally froze. Once I could talk again, we recorded two songs, and he told me he wanted to executive produce my whole album. Even with everything I had done back home, that was really the start of my dream coming true."

Now, her latest single "Coke Bottle" produced by Wizz Dumb for Timbaland Productions and featuring Timbaland and T.I. pops off with an intoxicating hook and stunning, simmering verses. Co-written by the artist, it's a hot and hypnotic dance floor anthem incorporating hip-hop spunk and pop shine.

AGNEZ MO goes on, "When we were in the studio, we wanted to write something that made us dance and bounce. It's got that swagged-out vibe! You want to hear it in the club because it's meant to make you feel sexy about yourself."

That personal confidence extends to everything that she does, and it serves as a crucial catalyst for her full-length debut from The Cherry Party, a newly-formed record label venture with Sony Music. Executive produced by Timbaland and featuring other producers and musicians, the album will be available via The Cherry Party/RED Associated Labels worldwide—excluding only Indonesia. Whether she's personally crafting her own looks, such as the graffiti dress on the "Coke Bottle" single artwork, or penning more bangers, AGNEZ MO maintains a clear vision. She's ready to officially introduce herself.

"I just keep it real," she proclaims. "I don't try. I'm Asian, and that's a part of everything I do. When it comes to music, I believe in exploring my Indonesian side and mixing it with as many cultures and styles as I possibly can. I'll never change who I am."

Still, this is merely the start of her journey though, and AGNEZ MO has her sights set on the top. "I promised myself and my country that I'd make a big impact everywhere I can," she concludes. "I'm never going to stop."
— Rick Florino


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Eygra, i love you and i pray so that you will stay pure. Your heart needs to be bare. When the world is trying to bring you down, learn to love and forgive. No walls should cover your beautiful heart. And let your pure heart shines brighter than ever... - AGNEZ MO ----------------------------------------------
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