One of techno's true underground heroes, Function (Dave Sumner) has been DJing and making music for over 15 years. Hailing from New York, he was seduced by techno music when Jeff Mills held a residency (as well as his own first) at the Limelight in the early 90s. Dave started to produce music and from the mid-90s onwards, put out music on Damon Wild's Synewave and his own Infrastructure imprint. Together with Regis (Karl O'Connor) he worked as Portion Reform, putting out uncompromising music on Downwards and becoming the only non-Birmingham producer to release on the label. In 2008 Dave moved to Berlin, still working with Regis, and now Silent Servant (John Mendez), put his focus on the acclaimed Sandwell District imprint. Since, the label, now come collective, has skyrocketed into cult status. Decentralizing the artist ego, Sandwell District has blurred the lines between the artist, label and dj, re-arranging the DNA of modern dance music.
In march 2013 Function presents his debut album 'Incubation' on Ostgut Ton.
A modern sound journey heavy on imagery, over nine tracks we are skillfully guided through writhing, layered club tracks, soaring string-led atmospheres, and complex melodic pieces founded on classic electronic traditions.
Function enlisted cult German engineer Tobias Freund for the final mixes, adding his years of experience to this succinct, daring and artistic album. A bold and powerful long-player debut from one of Techno's key players.

The most expensive dance floor records ever sold on Discogs

Nice to have two records I've been involved with on this list; Sandwell District 'Feed Forward' and Ostgut 'Zehn' Discogs gave us exclusive access to their sales history. Here are 40 of the most expensive dance floor records ever sold through the site.

RA In Residence: Bassiani

Due to my recent cancellations I will, unfortunately, miss my next residency date and this month's Resident Advisor in Residence: BASSIANI, Tbilisi. Fortunately, Silent Servant (Official) and Vatican Shadow will replace me on February 10th. Read RA's in-depth feature and find out why I've been saying it's one of the best clubs, dj booths and sound systems in the world right now and why so many people are traveling for it. RA teams up with the venue leading the charge in Tbilisi's extraordinary club scene.

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