Modern Athletics

We're a few guys in Seattle, WA. One is Canadian.
We make music we like to listen to.
We like to sing and laugh and we make a lot of jokes.
But we're not joking about this.
Also, we love you.

"An actual, real pop rock band."
- Hannah Levin, KEXP DJ

Our four song EP, Physique, is available to stream and download now at Limited edition vinyl is available to order - and can be found in local record stores near you!

Looking for Physique on vinyl? Grab it online through our site or find it at these record stores in Seattle: Sonic Boom Records, Easy Street Records, Everyday Music, Seattle, and Wall of Sound.

Thank you DJ Kitty for playing us on KSER fm!!

BRETT WHITACRE - Urban Pop Glass Art

People have been asking about the cover art for 'Physique' - It was created by Brett Whitacre, an amazing artist and killer drummer. Your wall would definitely look better with one of his paintings on it.

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Band Interests

Making music!

Band Members

Mike Zak: Vocals/Guitar
Adam Burd: Keyboard/Guitar/Vocals
Allen Murray: Bass/Vocals
Ryan Johnson: Drums


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