Tobi Kai and the Strays

Not too offensive stage banter. Riiiight.

Gears turn, new machines to rage.

One of the TKATS family is tying the knot today... You beautiful baby, youse grows up and grows up! We're all proud of you, love you and cannot wait to watch you parade around in your costume today. Congratulations to Craig Sheehan and Lauren Smith!

One day you'll see us again, maybe some of us together, maybe all in different places. Regardless, it was a good ride, and thanks for taking it with us.

Red lace and bass. Yeah, yeah, yeah!

Thanks to everyone who made it out! It was great to see you all and a hell of a lot of fun to be back on stage. L.O.V.E rocked it out large, and you can't do better than be on a bill with guys like them. Those who missed it... don't worry, we'll see you again...


Band Members

TK, Vocals
Ryan Kelley, Lead Guitar/Vocals
Craig Sheehan, Guitar/Bass Guitar/ Vocals
Kevin Gagnepain Bass Guitar/Vocals
Jeff Bradley, Drums/Vocals


Current Location


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