Zaman Band فرقة زمن

Zaman is a Palestinian Band which combines beautifully Arabic music with Gypsy music.

Zaman Band has recently released a collection of sinlge songs; "Battalty Eli" which means "You are no longer mine" is one of the most popular songs they have. And it has been ranked top 1 in all local music competitions for more than 9 weeks. It is, by now, well-known locally and internationally. It is internationally distributed in an album called "Acoustic Arabia". There is also the song "Eskeeni mn kfoofak" which means "Feed me from your gloves", "Malaki" which means "My angel" and also "Ya Weili Weil" which means "Oh My God" as single songs released by Zaman Band. "Maria" song is performed with the singer Safa' Hathoot. "Hadi Ya Bahar" which means "Slow Down Sea" is one of the songs that is inspired by the Palestinian heritage, there is also a mix of other traditional Palestinian songs. The band also sings a song called "Fog Elnakhel Fog" which is inspired by the Iraqi heritage.
The success that Zaman Band has achieved so far goes back to the fact that the band tries to convey a message from the Palestinian youth about their love to life and their hope in a better future. Zaman Band has received a lot of international popularity and recognition after touring in many local and international cities. Zaman Band participated in "AlMadina" festival in Tunisia, "Mawazeen" Festival in Morocco, "Wein A' Ramalla" Festival in Ramallah. Moreover, Zaman Band has also participated in the ceremony of 10,000 years old of Jericho, "Layali Birzeit" festival in Birzeit University, and "Jifna" Festival in Jifna. The band will be touring around the Arab World and Europe very soon in an attempt to carry its message to the whole world. It will also release its first album that contains all of its well- known songs.

Zaman Music Band was established in 2005 by the singer Suheil Foudi, and the guitarist Yazid Said. Suheil and Yazid met in Akka and they aimed, through Zaman Band, at spreading the word about Palestinian youth and representing the Palestinian and Arabic culture in their songs and performances. Therefore, they worked on writing their own songs, as well as reviving the old Palestinian, Syrian, and North African songs but all in a new and modern way. Zaman Band is known for delivering a mix of Palestinian, Arabic, Spanish songs through a series of traditional Eastern songs.
The songs that Zaman Band performs undoubtedly talk about the Palestinian conflict and suffer due to the Israeli occupation, however, they also talk about the everyday life Palestinians go through; they wrote about love, ambition, optimism and hope.
In addition to Suheil and Yazid, Zaman Band has four other members: Fadel Qandeel, Nizar Qabbani, Waleed Salloum, and Ibrahim Khalil. Samer Saleh is currently the general manager of the band.

لتنضم لفريق مطعم لازورد Lazaward - رام الله ، تعبئة طلب التوظيف من خلال الرابط التالي:

لاقونا في مهرجان الفصح الاول - بيت جالا
يوم 17- ابريل

Natalie - Zaman Band

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فرقة زمن تجوب الأقطار بالفولكلور الفلسطيني

لقاء فرقة زمن على اذاعة بي بي سي BBC Arabic بي بي سي العربية هي شبكة لنقل الاخبار والمعلومات الى العالم العربي عبر عدة وسائط، تشمل الانترنت والراديو والتلفزيون والهواتف المحمولة. وتعد بي بي سي العربية أكبر وأقدم خدمة اعلامية تطلقها بي بي سي بل

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Band Members

Sohel Fodi: Singer
Fadel Qindeel: Drums
Fadi Waked: Guitar player
Raed Saed: Percussion
Waleed Saloom: Bass Guitar
Ahamd Abbasi: Oud

General Manager: Samer Saleh


Record Label

Samer Saleh

General Manager

Samer Saleh

Booking Agent

+970597577771 Email:
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