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Geoff Tate (Official)

See Geoff Tate (Official) on his acoustic tour this week in California!

The Whole Story Acoustic Tour, show review.

Southern California this week!
3/9 San Juan Capistrano, CA - The Coach House
3/10 Pasadena, CA - The Rose
3/11 Agoura Hills, CA - The Canyon Theater
3/12 Hermosa Beach, CA - Saint Rocke

See you there!


Geoff Tate (Official) in Tucson, AZ tonight!

Geoff Tate (Official) in Arizona tonight and tomorrow!
3/3 Tempe, AZ @ Marquee
3/5 Tucson, AZ @ Rialto

Geoff Tate (Official)

::I've been thinking::

Lately it seems like if you feel for a certain group or believe in helping certain folks you can be judged, labeled and hated for contributing. This makes people fear being involved and stand on the sidelines when they could, instead be making a difference. I should say I have dear friends on both sides of the political fence. I have a small group of really close friends who have served humanity in very different ways without having anything to do with one another and without agreeing with each other on almost anything.

I have friends that have built orphanages and helped build a better life for people in Haiti. I have another couple of friends who have built new homes for homeless people in Cambodia and contributed to events to help women working in the sex industry to find an alternative, healthier and safer way of life. I have family that has run a non profit organization that works with at risk youth for the last 20 years. I have friends who have marched .. marched in the women's day march, marched for the pro choice movement and friends that have marched for the pro life movement. I have friends that have long running donations to the ACLU and Planned parenthood. I have friends that have worked in the streets with the homeless and volunteered in a soup kitchen. I have a friend that donates time to recovering addicts and another young friend who works in a home for parentless kids "in the system". This group of people sit at my dining room table and have eaten together many times. They may not know who is who when they read this post or they may. These things are just a part of the people that I love.

I have been asked to donate money or time to many different causes. I believe in not just talking about issues that we face together as the human family but doing something. There are so many good people trying to be there for so many good people. To be honest the wheel of fortune turns and one never knows when they will find themselves at the bottom and in need. I believe in being there for each other and I have had people really be there for me when I needed someone the most. I am grateful.

Can I hear your stories and thoughts on contributing. Where and what do you like to give to? Who do you see needing help? Where does your heart lead you to give the most? Lets also make this a nonjudgmental conversation and not be hurtful about anyone's choices for their gift of time or resources.


Geoff Tate (Official) in Illinois tonight and tomorrow!

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Operation: Mindcrime THE KEY is OUT NOW!
The KEY out September 18th
The Key Out September 18th!

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