Sigourney Reverb

Sigourney Reverb v.1.5

Shawn knew Eric through his buddy's band, and stole him off to play some songs Eric wrote. Donny played drums, and Shawn knew him, and they all went off to Steve's to play those songs.

The threesome played a few shows to warm reception, except when it was cold out.

Eric played in a band he wasn't really into, and met Lori, who also wasn't really into it. Eric stole Lori away to play some songs that he wrote and played with Shawn and Donny.

Sigourney Reverb is to Music what Ferrets are to California.

Sigourney Reverb is to Fashion what Sonny Bono is to Politics.

Sigourney Reverb is to Feedback what Humpback Whales are to Plankton.

The Sun is coming out and we have come out of hibernation with a brand new member!

Future Fridays

Eric's most recent journey is done with their record. Dig it!

HOLY CRAP! The record is done. We're in the beginning of what is going to be an insane ride. Release Party date 2/13. Mark your calenders now. Singles to release! Videos to make! Anybody want to drink the kool-aid and help out with anything? It sounds so good we could both faint. Aiyeee!!!

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Sigourney Reverb  @ The Josephine

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Band Interests

Guitars, Drums, Microphones (sorta), singing, playing guitars, playing drums, dancing, sweating, unplugging cables with our feet by accident

Band Members

Lori - Guitar and Vocals
Donny - Drums and Vocals
Shawn - Bass and Vocals
Eric - Guitar and Vocals


Current Location

Record Label

Green Monkey Records

General Manager

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