Jimmy Winn Live

" IT'S ABOUT TIME' last album

Beautiful morning for a flight, nice and smooth 😎😎😎

Happy birthday Dad! 😎😎😎

Off to see Jack tomorrow for a few adjustments. I do love these guitars The Gibson cousins 😎😎😎

Well I did it again the guitar I've wanted sense I was a kid Gibson ES 355 it sounds great ☺😎😎

I want to wish Happy Mother's Day to all the beautiful mom out there. If it wasn't for our mother's none of us would be here. I love you all!!! 😎😎😎

I love this combination 😎😎😎

Another beautiful rock and roll Friday!!!!

Thanks everyone out there for keeping me rockin. You guys all rock!!!!!! With out music listeners there would be no music! Rock and roll!

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