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Heavy. Dark. Intense. Three words that have been used to describe the band and their music. Three more would be: Rhythmic. Precise. Energetic. Anyone who has witnessed one of their numerous live outings, whether it be playing one of their own gigs or as the direct support for a National touring act, can attest to the very raw and almost animalistic energy Mechanism brings to each performance, which is a direct result of the near constant practice of the individuals and the professional stance they take regarding their craft.

Mechanism has been fortunate enough, through hard work and goodwill, to share the stage as direct support with world
class national acts including: DOPE, Metal Church, Devin Townsend, John 5, Ghost Ship Octavius, Sanctuary, Motograter, Davey Suiide,, Dokken, Lynch Mob, Brazilian metal gods Mindflow, Y&T, Lizzy Borden, Michael Schenker and many more. Mechanism is also a very active part of the amazing music community in the greater Seattle area and are proud to have shared the stage with nearly every one of the top local acts in a similar genre.

Some of Mechanism's accomplishments:

*KISW 99.9FM's band of the week 4 times
*Featured regularly on KISW's Metalshop, Loud and Local and the BJ Shea morning show.
*Consistent airplay on Bay Area station KCRH 89.9FM
*Airplay and interviews on over 50 hard rock/heavy metal podcasts including Metal Monthly, Digital Revolution Radio, Rock Rage Radio, NWCZ radio
*Nominated for Best Local Band, Best Metal Band, Best Vocalist, Best Guitarist and Best Bass Player for the 2014 Seattle Music Awards
*2012 Metal Monthly Hall Of Fame entrance
*Listed in the top 12 bands of 2012 by Metal Monthly
*Named 2011 BAND OF THE YEAR by the listeners and hosts of Chaos: A Show for the Masses
*Performed at the SWC memorial in Anchorage Alaska
*Performed at the world famous Hempfest several times
*Headlined Kane Fest in Arlington WA
*Headlined Chaos Fest 2 years in a row
*Headlined Clonapalooza Festival
*Headlined Dreamfest 2015 Festival

Having laid a solid foundation within both the local music and fan communities throughout the greater Seattle area, Mechanism has positioned themselves
as serious contenders for world wide exposure. The band is currently expanding their show schedule and fan base in Washington State, Oregon, California,
Idaho and British Columbia as well as entertaining any opportunity that comes their way. Mechanism's unwavering dedication, steady consistency and
professionalism has resulted in being well known for being a very friendly hard working band and are much sought after for high profile shows and direct
support for touring national acts.

Moving into 2017 Mechanism will release their new, highly anticipated full length album "Mourning the Fate of the World" and are currently working with OEM Media Group for tour dates, support as well as digital and physical distribution world wide.

Mechanism is:

Ryan Renfield - Lead Vocals/Guitar
Tony DeLisio - Guitar and backing vocals
Eric Weber - Bass and backing vocals
Manny Rojas - Keyboards and Sonic Mayhem
Rene Monjaras - Drums and percussion

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Mech opens for yngwie malmsteen 5/25/17 get tickets at Metal | Tacoma

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We would like to welcome Danny Dillon and Robert Paux to the Mechanism road crew. Glad to have you guys on board. Prepare for epic shenanigans!! We also have another most excellent addition to the Mechanism organization. A formal announcement on all that is coming soon!

Mechanism's long awaited return to Spokane is happening next weekend. We are very stoked to play once again with our Helldorado brothers. We have always wanted to play with Vial 8 and are looking forward to checking out Heroes For Ghosts. If their music is half as cool as their logo they are gonna be awesome.

If anyone over here on this side of the mountains is interested in taking a road trip over with us let us know. Just keep in mind if you tag along with mech for a road gig there will be epic shenanigans and a considerable amount of tomfoolery.


Band Interests

Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocals, Beautiful Women, Esoterica, Science Fiction, Movies, Video Games, Beer, long walks in the park and zombies!

Band Members

Ryan Renfield - Lead Vocals/Lead Guitar
Tony DeLisio - Lead Guitar
Eric Weber - Bass/Backing Vocals
Rene Monjaras - Drums/Percussion
Manny Rojas - Keyboards & Sonic Mayhem


Current Location

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General Manager

Tony DeLisio

Booking Agent

Tony DeLisio
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