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SUPPORT 9icearmy and buy a Wallpaper. A percentage of your payment goes to CHARITY at Xmas and New Year. 9icearmy launches in 1st quarter 2011.

The 9icearmy Network is an innovative and foremost African sharing model with a strong sense of purpose and vision.

To be a catalyst for positive socio-economic transformation in any country where the 9ice brand goes.

To provide innovative platforms and business models that empowers young people by equipping them with life skills and fantastic income generating opportunities through music, movies and other merchandises.

• To touch the lives of at least 10, 000, 000 youths all over the world by the year 2020 through innovative 9ice brands marketing.
• To raise, in Nigeria, at least 1, 000 young millionaires through the 9icearmy Network by 2012.

9ice ARMY Network launches in Nigeria by 1st quarter of 2011 and will operate wherever the 9ice brand goes. We hope to expand our frontiers in countries including United Kingdom, United States of America, Ghana, South Africa, Canada, Benin Republic, Brazil, Mali and Ethiopia etc.

9icearmy Network is created and licensed by BraveNetworks, an international private-sector brand merchandising, strategy and advisory firm.

As a part of the BraveNetworks brands family, 9icearmy Network will be addicted to a culture of excellence, service and will always go to great lengths to ensure our members and clients are satisfied all the time.

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This is huge...

yobsnglobalteam.com The exciting part of the Smart Media Revenue Sharing Program is that the company is always finding more ways for YOBSN Owners to make money.

9ice is thinking of the best way to engage and reward his fans, please share your suggestions...miletiti

coming soon.....

It was a great nite ystday at the Ajayi Brovas' Album launch/listening party!

Now is the time to reward my fans...watch out for 9icearmy Network launch in 2011...incredible impact and fantastic income!

Thank GOD for all my fans, friends and others in 2010...9icearmy Network debuts first quarter 2011..watch out!!. Gongo a so again! Gba be

Do something you really love and you will never have to work again in your life...


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