Beneath started in late 2004 as a quartet in Tulsa Oklahoma. Over the years, Beneath has played with acts such as Trivium, Joey Belladona, With blood comes cleansing, Becoming the archetype, Sworn enemy, the Human abstract and so on. Over the years Beneath has recorded over 30 songs that we're self released. New members came, old members went and now with a strong line up the band is working on new material that will leave your breathless from the bowel shaking aggressiveness that is Beneath.

Who's had a chance to listen to our newest release?? What do you think?? Which songs did you like and why??

Beneath | Metal from Tulsa, OK

ATTENTION: You may have already noticed that we uploaded new songs. It doesn't mean that we are back together but we never released the last EP that we recorded right before we parted ways. The songs are powerful and the messages are too relevant to the times for them to stay locked up any longer, plus they are just too damn cool to not be heard, shared and downloaded. Please check them out, download them and PLEASE PLEASE share them!!! They are the 6 songs at the top of the player at the following link. We worked really hard on the songs and we are very proud of them. We would like to thank Ryan Michael Harvey for recording and mixing the EP as well as a thank you to Ettore Rigotti for his contributions to one of the songs. Let us know what you think!

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Posted a new song: "American Dream" Metal | Tulsa


Posted a new song: "Create Yourself" Metal | Tulsa


Posted a new song: "In The Hour of Absence" Metal | Tulsa


Posted a new song: "Defy The Idea" Metal | Tulsa


Posted a new song: "Somewhere Unknown" Metal | Tulsa

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Making beautiful, heavy music that appeals to a wide audience.

Band Members

Chris Rice
Max Perkins
Mike Deason
Tyler Nixon
Justin Kreft
Nait Adams


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