While visiting his hometown of Mars, Pennsylvania in Spring 2009, Wojo and former bandmate Nathan Baldwin got together for an acoustic jam and chill session. Convening on Baldwin’s back porch, the two caught up, talked a bit about where they were in life, and played some guitar together for the first time in a while. Having played music together in high school, but then separated geographically during college and after, the two had only occasionally united musically. Wojo, having spent most of his time since college graduation in New York City doing the daily corporate grind, hadn’t been playing out much, largely due to the stresses on his time and his mental health brought on by life in Corporate America. He had, however, a stash of original material written over the better part of the past decade, and played a few for his former bandmate. Baldwin, who had been honing his self-taught recording skills and building his studio setup over a similar span of time, suggested at some point that they get together for Wojo to lay down “a couple of tracks” for an acoustic guitar and vocal demo of some of his material.
Summer had passed, but the two of them started laying track in Fall of 2009, again while Wojo was in town for the weekend. Using a makeshift drum pattern created on the fly in place of that OBNOXIOUS metronome, what began as an acoustic demo started to take on a totally different shape. What would then ensue was a recording project spanning several years, with Wojo often flying home to Mars for weekend-long marathon sessions before flying back to New York or Houston or Philadelphia, depending on the week. Offering his own musical contributions on guitar, djembe, dulcimer, and electronic production, Baldwin tapped former Freudian Hips bandmate Nathan Cook, himself a jazz and classically-trained percussionist, and former Somber and Freudian Hips bassist Isaac Martell for session work. Eventually, tiring of the 70+ hour work weeks in the corporate environment, Wojo bid bittersweet farewell to NYC, and further pursued the completion of his now-massive project......

Rooted in alternative rock, dipped in coffee-shop acoustic, a dash of grunge, hints of blues with a smooth melodic finish, Wojo’s music explores progressive new territory of his songwriting, incorporating elements of dance music, pop, metal, and psychedelia. Drawing from over a decade of life experience, his introspective lyrics cover topics ranging from failed relationships and codependence to personal and artistic growth under constraints of corporate culture. Despite the abundance of heavy subject matter, an optimistic Wojo playfully pokes fun at his peers for taking themselves too seriously, proving always to be the jester.

#tbt to a long-time childhood friend today... I've been missing you for 8 years this week, which seems impossible, your presence & memories still seem so fresh, like the sting of the miss. Love you Gemmy, #missyou and your furry smile #bestfriends #mansbestfriend #Gemini

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Seaside Heights Beach Vault 2015 -- 15'6"
Seaside Heights Beach Vault 2015 -- 14'6"


Band Members

Wojo - Music/Lyrics/Guitar/Vocals
Nathan Baldwin - Lead Guitars/Djembe/Dulcimer/Synth/Sequencing
Isaac Martell - Bass
Nathan Cook - Drums and Percussion


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Motherboard Earth Productions
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