Nigerian born Singer Songwriter. Can't be no one else but myself. I rep Good Music with UnSwerving Loyalty. #SVMGGeneral @IAMBolade

Bolade is a Nigerian born R&B Singer-Song writer with smooth and soothing vocals. His mother as a youth was the lead singer in the Choir. As a youngster, Bolade took after his mother and also sang in church choirs. His first public appearance in singing was at a State Zonal Church anniversary at the age of eight, he sung and the congregation was amazed by his performance.
Music has been a major part of his life but he never really sought entry into the music industry due to the fact that his parents believed education should always come first. He wrote his first ever song as a 13 year old and shared it with cousins and classmates in Junior High. His ability to come up with melodic and rhythmic patterns kept improving with time and he states that “The Love of Music” stands as an inspiration to his development in terms of singing and songwriting.
Since moving to the United States as a teenager, he has worked with Songwriters and numerous producers. His debut album’s anticipated title is T.I.M.E. It features productions and sound engineerings from DSharp Wilson (Code 5, Elektra), Mark Goncalves (Kaysha, Lights Out), Dare “Dre-Sticks” Odunlami, Duncan Daniels, Jay Franco( Fabolous, Usher, Beyonce, Rick Ross), and Clef-Nite. As noted by Bolade, the album is bound to make a positive impact in the music industry because it is not limited to a single genre. If you love good music, you will definitely enjoy the vibes.


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