Electric Children

Listen to EC at http://www.electricchildren8bit.bandcamp.com

Electric Children has been making Chiptune for nearly a decade, spanning across seven official releases, shows across the US, and various video game background tunes. Come enjoy the very best in Seattle Chiptune.




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Two new songs posted to my Soundcloud! Be sure to check my remix of Blood Code's IJIRU and NITEMARE from the FOREST = BNH! comp (and also check out the comp in its entirety, it's quite good)!

soundcloud .com /electric_children

Hex Coast


Come Enjoy the chill vibes of Hex Coast! Shares help, since links don't always show up on people's feeds these days. Also remember to check out my new album, RESET, at http://electricchildren8bit.bandcamp.com !

soundcloud.com ChipSounds made using LSDJ 3.9.9 and 4.0 Additional instrument made in FLStudio Positive Vibes or something.

Been appreciating all the kind words and feedback for RESET! How would you all feel about a tropical chip-house track to close out the summer? ;)

Aydan Appreciates: 'RESET' by Electric Children


Thank you Ayden Scott and Chiptunes = WIN for the kind words! Come read this review of my latest album, RESET. Super uplifting review that even manages to compliment the one part of the album that's actually a tiny mistake ;) As always, thank you to the fans for the support. It seems a little roundabout to say this, but remember that the people you think are great are only so because YOU make them great. We need you just like you need us! Party on dudes.

chiptuneswin.com Veterans of both the chiptune community as a whole and ChipWIN alone will likely recognize Electric Children, be it just the name, one of his numerous timeless albums, or 'Pills and Needles VIP' from ChipWIN's first expansion pack. Electric Children has been producing music since 2011

Response for RESET has been amazing! Make sure to check out the new album on my bandcamp page if you haven't already! Also, My heart is a void is up on Soundcloud. Have a good rest of the week, dudes!

If you missed it last night because you were asleep (or you have my notifications off)(please dont do that), I posted up one of the tracks from RESET on my soundcloud! Check the link at the top of my page!


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