Detective Agency (seattle WA)

"Snipers of Pop"

Detective Agency started in the late 70's as a government funded project to assimilate the enemies of the US via transmitted music modules transmitted via human cyborg development programs. As the only remaining human cyborg music transmitters left after their kind was wiped out when the project failed to coalesce, the four members of Detective Agency were forced to go underground taking on the guise of private detectives to conceal themselves from possible harm in the form of government agents seeking to destroy the last possible remnants of the failed ASS (Assimilate Sources Sonically) project.

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Hi everyone. Some f*cked up things have been happening lately. If you can, please consider donating to some of the causes that you can find below. Detective Agency has never had a ton of merch,
but starting now if you donate any cash money, just snap a screen shot (or not it doesn't matter) and PM it or email us with your address and you will recieve a free hand designed super limited CD - R containing a all sh*t ton of DA songs.

Also if your feeling traumatized and need to talk just PM us.
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- - DA HQ

Need 2 tix to NOFX.

Srsly PM if u got em

Band Members

Ulrika Larsson - drums
Nate Kruz - guitar, vox
Amy Jean - guitar, vox, tambo
Katie Martin - bass


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