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The Anatomy of Frank formed in 2011 in the Appalachian mountains of Charlottesville, VA. It consists of Kyle Woolard on guitar and vocals, Jimmy Bullis on keyboards, and Max Bollinger on drums. Within a few months of playing their first show, the band left for a 4-month tour of North America, traveling as far as Alaska before returning home.

In 2012, the band released their first album, Pangaea. Diverse and moody, it delivers a detailed sonic landscape that rewards those who dig for details. Its cheerful and energetic first half, along with its moody, sprawling latter half, foreshadow the band's more consistent later work. The album spawned numerous North American tours and six European tours, including the band's famous 15-show stints at the Iceland Airwaves music festival.

2017 has been a big year for the band: they have successfully kickstarted their upcoming album, South America, and have temporarily relocated to Ecuador to record it. A US tour is planned in May, then a UK tour in August, and finally, a European tour in the autumn.

As we are sending our mixes off to mastering today, we'd like to introduce two very special people who have been integral parts of South America:

On the left is Stephen Cope, the musician/recording engineer who is responsible for putting this album together. He is from Provo, Utah and is one of the greatest people in music today. In addition, he is a walking fiesta, a twitter celeb, and an ice cream lover. We could not have accomplished anything comparable to what we've done without him. If you want to record the album of your dreams for a great price with zero stress, contact him. He brings out the best in everyone.

On the right is Micah Steven McCaw, a dear friend and fellow musician from Oregon who has been a longtime supporter of our music. Micah came down here to help out with the album, and he is responsible for helping us with mixes, as well as for the guitar work on a brand new song you'll be hearing when the record drops. We're so happy to have had him here to keep us company.


A local girl's art book for school—check out the artist! #franksouthamerica

We're happy to announce that the last notes of South America have been recorded. Now time for a jungle retreat to clear our heads for mixing.

Spent the day with the great Oswaldo Viteri, a leader in neo-figurative art for the past 6 decades and the genius behind our album art (coming soon).

It's time for a day off in Quito!

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