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The Anatomy of Frank formed in 2011 in the Appalachian mountains of Charlottesville, VA. It consists of Kyle Woolard on guitar and vocals, Jimmy Bullis on keyboards, and Max Bollinger on drums. Within a few months of playing their first show, the band left for a 4-month tour of North America, traveling as far as Alaska before returning home.

In 2012, the band released their first album, Pangaea. Diverse and moody, it delivers a detailed sonic landscape that rewards those who dig for details. Its cheerful and energetic first half, along with its moody, sprawling latter half, foreshadow the band's more consistent later work. The album spawned numerous North American tours and six European tours, including the band's famous 15-show stints at the Iceland Airwaves music festival.

2017 has been a big year for the band: they have successfully kickstarted their upcoming album, South America, and have temporarily relocated to Ecuador to record it. A US tour is planned in May, then a UK tour in August, and finally, a European tour in the autumn.

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We are pleased to announce—just in time for Mother's Day—a brand new song called "The Promised Land." It was written at the tail end of our time in South America, and is dedicated to Kyle's mother. It is an extra song (not on the album), but let's just say that it foreshadows things to come 💚

Download the track here:

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We have a special surprise coming your way Friday—stay tuned.

Carrying various combinations of sleeping band members to different cities! Baltimore tonight and Philly tomorrow.

It's extremely exciting to share the night with so many greats, including David Bazan, who inspired so much of what we do.

The Anatomy of Frank is playing a few select cities this weekend! We'll play every song you love! Or maybe not!

Fri - house concert - Winston-Salem, NC
Sat - LAVA MiniFest at Toast - May Edition - Norfolk, VA
Sun - house concert - Towson, MD
Mon - My Son Bison residency w/ Anatomy of Frank / Dweller / The Boy Who Lived - Philadelphia, PA

Oh yes we are, America:

4/22 • The Anatomy of Frank at Moss • Charlottesville, VA
5/5 • The Anatomy of Frank - NC Living Room Concert • Winston-Salem, NC
5/6 • LAVA MiniFest at Toast - May Edition • Norfolk, VA
5/7 • House Concert • Baltimore, MD
5/8 • Bourbon & Branch • Philadelphia, PA
5/27 • St. George's • Fredericksburg, VA
6/24 • Love Fest • Charlottesville, VA

The new show is intense and we think you'll love it <3

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Ecuador (a New Year)
Patagonia - The Anatomy of Frank
La Llorona - The Anatomy of Frank


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Beste!Unterhaltung (Europe)

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