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chriscent born and bread in Edo state Nigeria grow up in Italy were he currently reside . his a song writer , singer, rapper, actor, business man, and CEO jimmy records. he, started doing music when he was 9 years old , grow up listen to great artist like 2pac, Celine Dion, Fela KUTI, ( king of afro beat ) Edo hi-life legend Osayomore Joseph. I've been through it all . am inspired by what i see in the street every day as well as life in the game. chriscent creative talent is born out of his ability to draw positively from personal experiences and use them to mature his art.Everything I've been through in life has helped me lyrically, I don't have to lie or fabricate my life to sell records. My life is my material. As a result of major labels not pushing up coming artist, i decided to start my own label in order to get my materials out and also help other artist . jimmy records was born 2005 as an independent label and has produced and released 3 albums of chriscent " MAKE MONEY & TELL STORY (2005) WHO ARE D' ENEMIZ" (2007) AND CHUKULU MASTER (2013) . will hope and pray 4 the future of this label to hit the world industry with real jamz. our vision for the next few years is to make jimmy records a major force in the industry.

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Chriscent Rank #8 uk hip hop Rank #8 for Hip Hop in United Kingdom

Hmv Westfield Stratford city East London
Will distribute my new Album
In London and uk.
Coming soon.

Every black person origin
From Africa.

Don't let dem fool y..
Your dream is bigger Dan you...

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